Go and Tell Resources

The following resources are available to assist you in promoting the Go and Tell seminar and to assist you as you are watching the video presentations:

Go and Tell Seminar Participant’s Booklet – For Viewing Only

Go and Tell Seminar Participant’s Booklet – For Printing Only

Go and Tell-HC Evangelism Seminar Power Point Presentation Slides

Go and Tell Bulletin Insert

Go and Tell Bulletin Insert – Matt 4:19

Additional Evangelism and Discipleship Resources:

PDF – Top 10 Most Wanted – Instruction sheet for how to “Make a list of the ten people you would most like to see come to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior”

Free book “God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life” book using this link

Links and Downloads from Community CRC – Bible Reading Plans and How to have a Quiet Time, etc.

The information to create your own custom cards (front and back shown below) to hand out can be found using the links below:

Front of Card – PDF  Back of Card – PDF

Front of Card – JPG  Back of Card – JPG

Please use the form at the right to share stories of how this seminar has helped you or your church to be equipped to share the Gospel and/or to inquire about requesting Pastor Jim Halstead to come to your church or organization to present the Go and Tell seminar.

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