El Potrero CRC (Honduras) Walking Bridge Project

El Potrero CRC/Community Walking Bridge Project Need:

The El Potrero community is divided by a river that runs through the community. Over the years there have been three drownings due the flood stage of the river. During the rainy season part of the community is unable to cross the river to:

  • Access the El Potrero Elementary School
  • Access the El Potrero CRC Church
  • Access the only health clinic in the area.

Walking Bridge Project Cost:

  • Total Cost: $20,000.00
  • Community CRC Commitments: $12,000.00
  • Goal to Raise by February 1, 2016: $8,000.00

Overview of Community CRC and El Potrero CRC Relationship:

Community CRC has developed a church partnership with the El Potrero CRC in Honduras. This opportunity is offered through World Renew with the Christian Reformed Church (CRC). We have adopted a CRC church in the town called El Potrero, located in rural Olancho. Agriculture is the main source of income in El Potrero and 65% of the population lives in poverty with very limited access to income. The El Potrero CRC Church has demonstrated that they are very pro-active in helping meet the physical needs of the El Potrero community and they work closely with World Renew in Honduras.

We made our first visit to El Potrero CRC in April, 2012. The main objective of our mission trip was to form an ongoing relationship with the Honduran CRC church and to better equip each other as we share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Before our first visit to El Potrero in April of 2012, we heard that the El Potrero CRC church building was destroyed in a storm. During our first visit we sought to encourage the believers and assess the physical needs of the El Potrero church and community.

We returned for our second visit to El Potrero, Honduras in the spring of 2013. Before our visit, we were able to help them raise the necessary funds to construct a new Church Building. At our visit we helped them complete the painting of their new church building, provide a medical cabinet and medical training, provide pilas for four families in the village, and to take part in the dedication service of their new church building.

We made our third visit to the El Potrero CRC/Community in April, 2014. We provided a Vacation Bible School for the children in the village, we showed the Jesus film, and we helped build a Water Tank to help provide a clean water source to the community. (Biola University along with World Renew in Honduras began to lay the piping for the water project after our visit and they completed it in the Spring of 2015.)

We made our fourth visit in August, 2015. The main goal of the trip was to have the three Calvin College engineering students make the measurements needed to design the Walking Bridge in El Potrero. We also led several worship services, showed the movie “Do You Believe” and visited with the families in the El Potrero CRC church. We met with Hondurans officials in Tegucigalpa to discuss the details for the El Potrero Walking Bridge Project. If you would like to see videos or article of previous trips-visit us at www.fortwaynecrc.com

Calvin Students

Flood stage on river will  reach foliage. Calvin students above: Will Thies, Mel Vander Ziel, Molly Dahmer

First Convert

Dedication service for new El Potrero CRC church in the Spring of 2013 with the El Potrero CRC first convert.


Medical training and care for the families in 2013.  We also provided a medical cabinet with supplies.

If you would like to donate to help us complete the Walking Bride Project in the El Potrero-Please contact:

Community CRC or Pastor Jim Halstead
3434 Lahmeyer Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46815
Church Phone 260-493-2398

or visit our Go Fund Me page using this link.